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The Divas of DC
About Us

The Divas of DC was founded by "Diva" Michelle and her friends. We're focused on getting out and meeting people to socialize, have fun, and network.

Our Philosophy

To meet as many people as possible, enjoy each others company, and make new friends.

We are also focused on the learning experiences of life in DC. Whether it be dating, reading books (book club), attending museum exhibits, or going to the theatre. We are a very diverse group who enjoys new things and savoring culture.

The Divas

We are your hostesses in making things happen. We decide what we're going to do, and invite you to come along with us. Why sit home on a Friday night with your pals trying to figure out what to do? Let The Divas give you an idea or two to combat those worries.

The Divas of DC

Michelle Waldo (actress/singer/legal secretary) stuck between a fantasy world and reality.

A mature woman; Actual size=180 pixels wide

We're here to add a little flutter to your life.